How to Plan a Wedding (Without Going Crazy)

So you’ve decided to tie the knot? Congrats! :) If you are anything like me, you know nothing about weddings. Googling “how to plan a wedding” will help you out, but I’ve found it has left me even more questions. The first one was: “Are these people crazy or am I?!

Let’s not kid ourselves. Weddings are a huge industry. Everything you do will cost you money, but with weddings the costs seem to increase like crazy. A bouquet of flowers may have one price, but mention that what you need is a wedding bouquet and the price will rise. It’s the same with jewelery, clothes, anything.

People still plan to get married for life and are willing to spend a lot of money on making their special day extra special. While I was not one of those, I know many girls dream of their wedding day and grow up making plans. So, once they find their Prince Charming, they know exactly which Vera Wang wedding dress they want or which Tiffany ring.

The way I see it, a wedding is supposed to be a good party. The best party you’ve ever had. Beyond that, most of the things that go on are really not very important. Here is a list of things you will have to go through in order to plan your wedding:

  • set a date
  • find a location
  • get an officiant (or a priest)
  • get food & drinks, a cake & some cookies
  • flowers (as decoration and a wedding bouquet)
  • buy your wedding clothes
  • buy your wedding bands
  • send out the invitations
  • book a photographer or a cameraman
  • choose your music

The most important thing is deciding what’s important to you. If you’re an audiophile, you might be really picking when it comes to choosing your wedding band. That’s ok. Splurge the money on the best band you find. However, if you do not really care what kind of music you’re gonna play, you might wanna consider playing the music from your iPod.

See what I mean? The same applies for other items on the list. Think about them and try determine your priorities. For me, it was the wedding bands. However, I do not care too much which wine will be served (I do not drink it, anyways), so I let my parents pick that. My fiancé picked the shape of our wedding cake and what it will be made of. I will be getting married in 2 weeks and I have no idea what my bouquet will look like or what my hairdresser will do with my hair.

People keep asking me if I am nervous. By now, I started thinking I should be nervous. I am not, though. I plan to have a good time and marry the man I love. I want my friends and family there and I want them to be happy for us. That’s it. The rest are the things I can and do not want to control.

The cake toppers maybe turn out different that expected. My grandma might make a scene. Someone might get drunk and break something. That’s ok. My dress will surely be dirty by the end of the night, but that’s ok too. I do not plan to reuse it anyways.

Plan for the marriage. That’s the hard part. Staying with one person will involve a lot of work on the relationship, as my fiancé keeps reminding me. And the wedding? It’s just a party, and from my experience, you just can not plan a good party. You can simply set it up… and hope for the best. If you’re having fun, the party will be a success, even if your dress is not the exact shade of white you ordered. ;)

Average wedding costs. Click on the picture for full infographic. Source: via Pinterest

Average wedding costs. Source: Jayne Weddings Blog via Pinterest


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