How to pack (Tips & tricks)

After a series of posts in Croatian, it was high time I wrote one in English again. :D Since I will be flying to the US next week, I figured I could write about how to pack, share my routine and give some useful tips and tricks I have picked up along the way. If you’re running short on time and came here only for a quick tip, here it is: The lighter, the better. 

People usually say: “Just look at the flight attendants, they only have carry-on luggage.”  While this statement is true, it is misleading. Flight attendants usually just spend the night where they are going and fly back home the next day. Chances are you are gonna stay at least a couple of days where you are going and require more than one change of underwear and a uniform. Still, do pack light

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Lokrum – The Cursed Island

Lokrum is a small island off the city of Dubrovnik. It is a beautiful little paradise with a restaurant, botanical garden, walking routs and beaches (including a nudist beach). It would be a perfect place for a private mansion or a hotel, yet you will not find those on Lokrum. Why? The history of Lokrum can not be told without its legend. And Lokrum’s legend includes a curse…

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Madrid – my favourite places

It was September 1st, 2010 when I landed in Madrid for the first time. I was to spend 5 months in Spain on a student exchange programme Erasmus Mundus at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. I am nowhere close to being an expert on the city, especially since I did not actually live in Madrid, but I completely fell in love with it. I will tell you about my three favourite places in Madrid, but first, let’s make sure you know something about the city itself.

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