Here’s to not giving up. One more attempt at blogging.

This is my fourth attempt at blogging. Want to know about the previous three attempts? I wrote an article about them for, so check out the whole article there. Here are the lessons I learned:

  1. The internet is not my shrink. For some people this might work and some might be okay with that, but I am not. I know how much I am comfortable to share now.
  2. I am not a very cool and popular person. And that’s ok. I can’t be popular and cool because someone else thinks I should be. Or just because I’d like that.
  3. Creating a very specific (time-wise and location-wise) website is not a long term solution. Next time I will keep it smart and my website will be a big mess of things, just like my life is.

So what can you expect here? Random things: posts about things I found interesting online, stories from my life, pictures of the things around me.

I hope both you and I will find this experience entertaining. ;)