April 2012

Songza – free web radio with playlists for every occasion

I love music, but when it comes to exploring new music, I am very lazy. I alternate between my iTunes library and Grooveshark.

In iTunes, I usually pick an artist or an album and let it play for hours. On Grooveshark, I have several playlists like “Soft tunes” or “Español” and I play those. That is a bit better than listening to the same artist the whole afternoon, but not by much. Most of my music is old and I end up listening to the same stuff over and over again.

Songza is exactly what I need!

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Madrid – my favourite places

It was September 1st, 2010 when I landed in Madrid for the first time. I was to spend 5 months in Spain on a student exchange programme Erasmus Mundus at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. I am nowhere close to being an expert on the city, especially since I did not actually live in Madrid, but I completely fell in love with it. I will tell you about my three favourite places in Madrid, but first, let’s make sure you know something about the city itself.

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Here’s to not giving up. One more attempt at blogging.

This is my fourth attempt at blogging. Want to know about the previous three attempts? I wrote an article about them for Domain.me, so check out the whole article there. Here are the lessons I learned:

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