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About Me

Ivy GutierrezHi! My name is Ivy Gutierrez. Welcome to my website.

I worked as a Community Manager, Journalist, Executive Editor of a Corporate blog and a PR Manager. I hold a Master in Journalism/Political Communication (cum laude) and I am working on obtaining a Master in Communicology/PR. I speak Croatian (native), English (C2), Italian (B2) and Spanish (B1).

I have been married since 2012 and a mother to the most wonderful baby boy ever since 2014. These two events are important because they shaped me into who I am today and they influence my plans and decisions. My family lives both in Texas and Croatia and I try very hard to be a useful member of both communities.

About my blog

My blog features posts both in English and Croatian about topics that have interested me over the years. Recently I started blogging about babywearing in Croatian a lot. I have been training to become a Volunteer Babywearing Educator at Babywearing International of San Antonio since January 2015. I am very happy I have access to a plethora of information and wonderful women that love to share their knowledge and teach their skills. I noticed Croatian caregivers lacked the resources I had readily available and decided to share what I have learned and experienced in Croatian in an attempt to help other and spread the babywearing love. #wearallthebabies

Copyright Information

All the content you will find on this website is mine, unless stated otherwise. Please be kind and do not alter my work and use it as your own. You are allowed to redistribute my texts (parts or complete), but please mention the author and link back to the original. I do not require prior notification. I do not allow my work to be used for commercial purposes. Also, please contact me for permission to use my photographs. You can contact me via the contact form on the website.